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Gen II Fire Protection is committed to the protection of your business’s life and property. We offer extensive fire protection for commercial, industrial and residential applications. We will ensure your company meets and exceeds all local and national fire codes and regulations. Our experienced technicians can handle fire protection-related emergencies of any kind and magnitude. We offer 24/7 service to meet our customers needs and expectations. 


Gen II provides design, installation, inspections, testing, and repairs of wet and dry fire sprinkler riser systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. The widespread use of fire sprinkler systems is a significant factor in reducing fire losses. They are widely recognized as the single most effective method for preventing the spread of fires in early stages, often before they cause severe injury to people and massive damage to property. We also offer inspections, testing & repairs for fire pumps and fire hydrants.


The fire alarm should be a significant aspect of your overall fire protection plan. After all, while it may not actively douse the flames, it’s essential for alerting employees and customers of the danger so they can evacuate to safety. Gen II offers design, installation, inspections, testing, and repairs for all your residential or commercial fire alarm requirements.We also offer 24/7 monitoring for your place of business or residence


We also offer sales and services including inspections, 5/6 year maintenance, hydro-testing, recharging and repairs. We are qualified and have the expertise to service all brands and types of extinguishers. We’ll help you choose the best fire extinguisher for you based on the extinguishing agent, coverage area and specific application you need. On-site service is available so your equipment never has to leave your site. We also have cabinets, brackets and signage available to suit your needs.




We offer installation, inspections and service of emergency and exit lighting. Emergency and exit lighting are crucial components of any evacuation plan and a necessary link to safe escape when a fire or other hazard occurs. 


In the past, kitchen fires were one of the greatest causes of restaurant loss, and they continue to remain a serious threat. Having a properly installed and regularly inspected fire suppression system in your commercial kitchen, you will be able to safely and immediately respond to any fire emergency in return protecting both life and property within your restaurant. Gen II Fire offers design, installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement of commercial kitchen fire suppression systems. 


Do you own a spray paint or auto body shop? In an area constantly exposed to fumes, chemicals, spills, and leaks. Fire is always a threat in a commercial spray paint booth or auto body shop. We provide design, installation, inspections and service of all major brands of industrial paint spray booth fire suppression systems. How protected are your employees, customers, and property from the threat of a fire? Contact us now to discuss your needs.




Gen II provide assessments, design, installation, and services to meet your special hazards fire suppression system requirements 




Routine testing should be done annually by a certified professional. We are certified to test, install, repair, and replace backflow preventers. 




We know it is not easy to understand today’s building and fire codes or to keep up with the evolving rules and regulations. Our fire protection consultants keep up with these code regulations, so you don’t have to.

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