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Gen II Fire Protection is a full-service fire protection company with expert technicians available 24/7. 

As a leader in fire protection, we offer a wide range of services to keep you safe.

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New Installation and RetroFit

Inspections and Maintenance

Licensed Professionals

24/7 Emergency Service

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Fire Sprinkler

Automatic fire sprinklers are often the most effective way of preventing the spread of fires, keeping you and your assets safe.

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Fire Suppression

Some buildings require special fire protection. Unlike the use of water, fire suppression uses gaseous, chemical, or foam fire suppression agents to suppress the fire.

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Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are portable and can help control or even put out smalls fire. Common types of protection include general combustibles, flammable liquids, electrical, combustible metals, and cooking oils.

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industrial systems

Industrial systems respond quickly to high hazard situation reducing downtime and damages. Using agents such as foam, dry chemical, and water mist to protect applications such as paint booths, chemical storage, and specialty equipment.   

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Fire Alarms

Fire alarms notify us of a fire situation. Alerting your staff, customers or others of a potential fire can save lives. Fire alarm systems can activated automatically or manually.

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Kitchen Suppression

Kitchen suppression systems are the first line of defense in a commercial cooking environment. These systems prevent the spread of fire to the remainder of the building. 

Additional Services

Aside from the services listed above, we also have expertise in the following specialized services


Fire Pump


Flow Testing


emergency lighting

We offer a full-line of Stat-X® products. Stat-X® fire suppression is an advanced aerosol technology that protects enclosed special hazards. 

Aerosol Fire Suppression

Special Hazard Protection




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